About Data Science in Biomedicine MS

Recent dramatic technological advances such as genomic sequencers that can obtain a whole genome for a few hundred dollars and deep neural networks that can extract useful patterns from complex datasets will transform biomedicine in the near future.  Many discoveries in biomedicine and improvements in patient care will be powered by data science.  The availability of large data sets through healthcare systems presents an exciting opportunity for data scientists to make a direct impact in this domain. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies need biomedical researchers who understand data science, computational tools, and related technology. 

The Data Science in Biomedicine MS program will help to create leaders in biomedical data science whose research will directly impact patient care. Graduates of the Data Science in Biomedicine MS will both develop foundational knowledge in machine learning, statistics, and computer science in addition to learning how to apply artificial intelligence to electronic health records, analysis of patient genomic data, development, and application of novel imaging analysis methods as well as imaging modalities and emerging types of data such as waveforms and mobile health data.  Graduates will have the necessary skills and background to develop new data science methodologies and apply them to both today’s biomedical datasets and novel types of data that will be collected in the future.

What makes the program unique is the combination of training in foundational data science with cutting-edge biomedical applications.  Students will obtain the technical background to understand how novel biomedical data science methods work “under the hood” while obtaining training in reading the latest biomedical research papers. This training will form the foundation for students to develop novel methods. The instructors in the program are all active researchers at the interface of data science and biomedicine.

The Data Science in Biomedicine MS is an online program.  Students can take the courses from anywhere with an internet connection allowing them to balance their studies with work and other commitments.   Some of the courses can be taken in person as well.  Students interested in an in-person option should contact the program to inquire about this possibility.

Goals of the Data Science in Biomedicine MS

  • To prepare students for a productive and successful career in biomedical data science 

  • To provide students with foundational knowledge in data science

  • To provide students with experience in working with diverse types of biomedical data

  • To promote diversity and inclusion in the field of biomedical data science by addressing issues of race and gender bias in biomedical research and supporting the careers of members of underrepresented groups