Program Cost & Financial Aid

Effective 2023-24: The non-refundable application fee is $135 USD for US and Permanent Residents and $155 USD for all other applicants.

Tuition for the nine-course program is $43,200. This breaks down to $4,800 per course.
Tuition is assessed quarterly. Students in the program who are taking online courses for the quarter are not assessed mandatory campus fees. All students will pay a one-time document fee of $80 at the start of their first quarter of enrollment.

UCLA Extension (UNEX) charges an additional $300 fee per course, for a total tuition cost of $5,100 per course.
Special permission is required to enroll in a course as a non-matriculating student. Please e-mail prior to enrolling.

The Financial Aid Office administers financial support via student loans based on need to domestic students. To apply for Financial Aid, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the FAFSA Renewal Application (priority deadline March 2nd).


There are different ways students can pay their fees. Specific arrangements are made at the time the applicant accepts the offer of admission by the school. Current available options include:

  • Payment by the student’s organization (e.g., your employer), according to the organization’s procedures.
  • Combination payment by student and the student’s organization.
  • Payment by student, often with reimbursement by the student’s organization.


The MSDSB program fees are $4,800.00 per course. Program fees are assessed quarterly. Students in the program are exempt from mandatory campus fees. 

Upon request, the Department of Computational Medicine will provide a letter that verifies the program cost of the Master of Science in Data Science in Biomedicine program.

For confirmation of a student’s terms and dates of attendance, enrollment status for each term attended, and/or registration and fee payment, please refer to the student’s Verification Transcript.

For confirmation of a student’s courses, units, grades, and/or degree, please refer to the student’s Academic Transcript.

Additional documentation to confirm registration and payment status for each quarter can be found in the Academic Transcript and Verification Transcript.

Due to the large volume of sponsored students and UCLA’s billing system requirements, we regret that it is not possible to provide billing details catered to each sponsor.

Please visit the Third Party Sponsorship site for additional policies and procedures.